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How to make a paracord donut

how to make a paracord donut

In this short tutorial I show you how to make a paracord donut.

What exactly is a paracord donut?

bite sized paracord donut

A bite sized paracord donut I made.

I am glad you asked me that question! Well, the paracord donut is mostly a way to store paracord. Sure you can use it as a decorative piece, since it looks neat, but it’s main advantage is storing paracord.

paracord donut

I just can’t stop making these!
It is a great way to store paracord.

Why use the paracord donut?

The benefit of using this style of storage is that it requires no supplies to make. ZERO. Well, you need paracord, but that is implied.

The major benefits of the donut are:

  • stores paracord in a way that does not tangle the cord
  • takes up little room
  • uses a quick deploy method, meaning it is easy to remove just the cord you need, while leaving the rest in order
  • costs no money to make, just some time (not a lot when you get the hang of it)
  • looks great!

Well, at this point I hope I have convinced you to at least TRY making a paracord donut.

The people who will benefit the most out of this storage technique are those that travel a lot, campers that are limited with space to carry items, as well as those that like to keep it simple and effective without spending too much.

In the following sections I show you how to make it first with a step by step tutorial I made, then by video. I hope it serves you well!

Note that the amount of wraps around your finger does not matter, but how many fingers you use does. Use more to make a larger middle hole (works for larger cord lengths).

Now the video tutorial:

paracord 550

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