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Paracord dog collar


Paracord dog collars look stunning. Let’s see how to make one that really stands out.

The benefits of using paracord for a collar are the following:
– durability (a single cord can hold 550 pounds)
– ease of creation
– water resistance and resistance against rot
– vivid colors, which help at night
– low price
– custom design and quality
– reuseability

Paracord dog collar supplies we need:
– Paracord 550
– A plastic clip, i recommend the one below with a night refraction light
– A D-ring
– A lighter or heat source
– Scissors or a knife
– Optionally a dog collar charm to decorate the collar


A king cobra stitch dog collar

The first paracord collar we will look at is also my favorite. It involves the cobra stitch knot (a square knot), which is the most basic of the knots and is also used in survival bracelets and many other paracord projects. The basic concept is that we make a cobra stitch base, just like a paracord bracelet, then make another cobra pattern on top of it. The top cobra knot is called a king cobra knot. It will produce the bulky kind of dog collar we like, merging looks with incredible quality. Of course you could just stop at one, but it will look too thin which is something we do not want at all.


  • The paracord dog collar instructions are made easy for you to follow. I still recommend using your intuitive sense of design and knots when you run into a snag.
  • Tighten your knots using equal strength to get a clean looking dog collar.
  • Make sure you measure the dog collar size properly before doing this project. It takes some time to do, so making a wrong size can cause frustration.
  • The approximate length of paracord needed is the piece used for the base (double the circumference of the dogs neck, plus some slack). You will use about 10 inches of cord for every 1 inch of a collar. For the cobra stitch you will need just as much. So for a 20 inch collar i would use up: 40 inches for the basic two cords. 200 for the cobra stitch, 200 for the king cobra stitch. So about 37 feet of cordage. To be safe i would calculate a bit more! You can always snip off the extra cord and use it up for a bracelet or keychain.
  • This collar looks hard to make, but it is not. Keep up your efforts and soon you, well your dog will be the envy of your neighborhood.
  • You could make the base cobra stitch collar from two pieces of cord, i make it from one to make it a ton more durable.

So lets get to it! and see how we fare!

Paracord dog collar supplies

Additionally, i recommend getting a charm for your dogs collar
Dog collar name tags
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