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Paracord lanyard instructions

Paracord lanyard instructions

Lanyards are similar to keychains, but serve the purpose of keeping things strapped to yourself. They originate from the use of swords from horseback, where losing your sword was, awkward to say the least.

There are a ton of different paracord lanyard instructions out there, but I have taken the liberty to make a top selection of the ones I like the most and the ones that see the most use. Not all look as amazing as the ones as I feature here. Enjoy my paracord lanyard instructions and please, take the time to comment on my tutorial!

Lanyards these days are commonly used to:

  • hold keys
  • hold ID cards
  • to keep USB keys
  • decoration

In the following aracord lanyard instructions will try to show you the most attractive lanyard designs available and tutorials on how to make them.

Supplies needed to make a lanyard

– a snap hook or a carabiner
– paracord 550
– a lighter or something to singe off the ends of the paracord
– a pair of scissors or a knife to cut the cord with

How to make a snake knot paracord lanyard:

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