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How to make paracord prayer beads

Paracord prayer beads

The following page will show you how to make paracord prayer beads. These can be used for functional purposes (counting prayers) or decorative purposes (the prayer beads look very nice).

Many different kinds of necklaces, rosaries are made that include prayer beads. Some rosaries include up to 60 beads.
Prayer beads help you keep track of the prayers you have done already so you know how many prayers are left. This is very useful for situations when you repeat prayers.

Paracord prayer beads are very useful for making various paracord designs, from necklaces to keychains. Prayer beads are a great decorative asset that you will be able to include once you have learned how to make them.

Enjoy the following tutorial and please, feel free to comment on this page to make it even better!

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