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Paracord water bottle holder instructions

Paracord water bottle holder

Paracord water bottle instructions cover making a protective and decorative layer over your water bottle.People refer to these water bottle holders as coozies, water bottle sleeves or pouches.
Not only do these paracord bottle pouches look great, they also protect your bottle from breaking or damaging from falls. Having a good grip on a bottle does not hurt either. Paracord on a bottle can be of great help, since you can use it for various purposes when in the wild. Practical and beautiful!

The reasons to make a paracord water bottle holder

  • it has a great decorative look
  • to store paracord
  • to prevent scratches and damage from falls and abbrasions
  • to have a better grip of your bottle
  • to be able to secure your water bottle to a belt or your equipment

Making the paracord bottle holder

I must say that making a paracord water bottle holder is one of the most practical projects you can make. It will use up from about 40 to 60 feet of cord, depending on the size of the bottle you are wrapping.

You can find the supplies needed at the bottom of the page.

I felt a feeling of relief when this project was done. I did not know how well it will turn out until i made it. The inconsistency in my knots sizes worried me, but when you have several rows, you can just pull on all of the cords and adjust it perfectly.

Tips for making a paracord water bottle holder:

  • use a lacing needlefor easier and faster work with paracord
  • you can make this holder by using smaller strings which you merge with melting. That way you do not have to pull tens of feet of cord through loops. This saves time. Some people prefer a single cord, since it can be used in an emergency. Choose the way you want and need it.
  • do not be too frustrated if the distances and sizes of the loops seem unequal. It will straighten out.

Paracord water bottle supplies

For this project you will need:

  • 40-60 feet of paracord 550
  • a cord lock to help you regulate the neck size of the pouch
  • a lighter or another heat source to melt the ends
  • I highly recommend getting a lacing needle to speed up the process
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