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Paracord sizes

Paracord sizes

Did you know paracord sizes reach past paracord 550 and 450?
There are actually quite a few paracord sizes that are far less common. What is the reason for the dominance of paracord 550, I can only guess. Well my guess is that it is amazingly versatile, a lot more accessible than other paracord sizes and has achieved its prominence due to the survival bracelets, which popularized paracord in survival and crafts.

Long story short, there are quite a few paracord sizes that are available on the market( for example on Amazon):

micro cord, also called mosquito cord comes in various sizes (from 0.035 inches to 0.08 inches).
This paracord is the smallest available (next to just using the inner strands). As such it has quite a few uses in projects where you need fine detail which bulkier cord does not deliver. One scenario where micro cord is very useful is stitching, which brings new options in decorating your bracelets and other projects.

Type I accessory cord or vest cord as some call it is larger than micro paracord, but smaller than regular paracord.

Tactical paracord, which i have had trouble finding lately.

paracord 450 is great for crafts. Some acknowledged paracord crafters use this type. I would recommend trying this type of paracord if you would like a less robust but more decorative looking projects. For functionality though, the classic, 550 paracord is still king!

paracord 550, the most widely used paracord type, also knows as Type 3 paracord.

To conclude, I would just like to emphasize that there is no best cord. Use the one that fits your purpose the best.

Now you tell me, which paracord have you tried so far and how it has worked out for you so far?

Image by David J. Fred.
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