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Paracord supplies


Paracord supplies all at one place


This section is meant to make your paracord crafts as pleasant as possible. Choosing supplies for your crafts is now possible from one place, the paracord supplies page you are visiting!

Find paracord supplies for your paracord jewelry or projects and also a few of the best books on paracord crafts you might enjoy. I hope this page will help you get what you need without spending too much time searching for decent supplies.



The most appropriate paracord for paracord projects is paracord 550. It is not the only one on the market, there is also paracord 450, but 550 is by far the most popular. Below we have categorized paracord by length. The common measurements available are 25 feet, 100 feet, 300 feet and 1000 feet. Naturally, the more you get the cheaper it is per foot. Think about your goals. If you just need cord for a few bracelets, then 50 foot cord will do just fine. If you need the cord for a commercial purpose such as selling paracord items, then the 1000 feet cord will give you the best use of your money. For everything else there is always 100 and 300 feet cord to be had. Personally i think 300 feet makes a decent supply for everything short term.



Real vs fake paracord

When searching for paracord it is worth noting that not everything on the market is legit. People try to market inferior products as paracord. If you are making paracord items for decorative purposes, even knock-offs will work just fine. They look the same. But for survivalists, campers, army men and anyone who wants paracord as a back up when in the wild (or anywhere else for that matter), you will want the real deal. The real paracord 550 holds 550 pounds of weight. It is easily recognized for having 7 inner strands. That will make it stand out from fakes, which will not have that many.
Some refer to lower quality paracord as commercial paracord, while the durable kind is called military grade paracord.

For more information on how to spot fake paracord, see the video below:

Paracord bracelet supplies

Paracord bracelets are the most popular paracord item. They were popularized by the use in the military and by campers who name these bracelets, survival bracelets. It is quite true that many uses of paracord go a long way in making your life a lot easier. But let’s not go into that. The following bracelet supplies might prove useful for designing paracord bracelets:

Bracelet buckles

Plastic buckles are the most used way of finishing bracelets. They improve functionality by avoiding the use of knots, which can cause some frustration. The benefits of these plastic clips is that they are very affordable (you get huge quantities for a low cost).

The downside for these buckles is that you do need to know the size of the wrist you are making the bracelet for. That means you need to custom make bracelets so they fit each wrist. That is why i recommend these for those, who are making bracelets for themselves, their friends and family, as well as beginners. For commercial /if you sell bracelets) or advanced use, metal shackles with adjustable length will prove to be the better choice. You do not need to worry about the bracelet fitting a wrist, since the size is adjustable.

Bracelet shackles
Bracelet shackles are in contrast to plastic buckles, made out of metal. They feature adjustable length which is their main benefit. For anyone making paracord bracelets seriously, i would highly recommend these. The downsides are that some people do not like the metal look (some love it). Also the price is higher than for a plastic buckle. But in my opinion, shackles are well worth it.
Bracelet jigs
Bracelet jigs are tools to help you make bracelets. They help you fixate the bracelet (either for buckles or shackles, it does not matter), adjust and measure length and make several bracelets at a time. I recommend this for anyone serious about making paracord bracelets. For professionals it is a must. It is a tool of the trade.
Paracord bracelet compass
The paracord bracelet compass is designed to fit on bracelets. We would mostly use these on survival bracelets for navigation outdoors.


Paracord bracelet kits
These paracord bracelet kits are premade and come packed with paracord and buckles. They make an easy to start making bracelets and are especially suitable as gifts.


Paracord necklace supplies

Paracord necklaces do not need many supplies to be functional, but to be as beautiful as possible we can add two items:
A necklace connector
The necklace connector makes an elegant provides an elegant way to finish a paracord necklace.

Various charms
Out of all the decorative items i really love charms the most. They can be used on necklaces as well as bracelets, keychains and many other items.
The easiest way to get some nice charms is to just get a pack of cheap ones, as seen below. Amazon offers many beautiful charms, no doubt you will be able to find one for yourself or that special someone.

Beads are a nice way to decorate a paracord necklace. Below you will find my top two choices for paracord necklaces and well, necklaces in general.

Paracord keychain supplies

Keychains only really need one supply, the noble keyring, as featured below.


Paracord lanyard supplies

Paracord lanyards require at least one supply, something to hold, grab items. The two most popular items for that purpose are the following:

Carabiners are multi-functional and provide a great way to attach items to your lanyard. Some people prefer snap hooks because of the looks, but you can also find some beautiful carabiners out there.

Snap hooks
Snap hooks are the standard hooks used in lanyards. You can salvage them from older or unused lanyards or get a new one below.

Paracord belt supplies

Paracord dog collar supplies

Dog collar kit
This dog collar kit is made to provide everything you need. A buckle with a reflector, which is handy at night.

Paracord dog collars require a D-ring. It is used to provide a base on which to hook a dog leash. Simple, cheap and effective, i love the metal ones and prefer them over any plastic.

Dog collar charms
Dog collar name tags

Paracord dog leash supplies

The only needed item for a paracord dog leash is a snap hook with which you attach the leash to the collar.

Alternatively, you can use a carabiner in place of a snap hook.

Paracord water bottle holder supplies

Paracord water bottle holder can be really handy when equipped with a cord lock. There are many variations out there, below i feature the most common one.

Paracord hammock supplies

No supplies needed.

Paracord crafting books

Fusion ties
Fusion ties is a book written by J.D.Lenzen. He is a highly acclaimed knotter and author of the Youtube channel Tying it all together. This very site features some of his knots, designs and videos.
It is a great source of how to tutorials, just like the slideshows out site delivers, but printed in a beautiful book.
I could easily call this one of the best books on paracord knotting. So i am! If you like his videos, you really should get the book, since the videos are silent, which does not help making his beautiful designs.

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