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Paracord zipper pull instructions

Paracord zipper pull

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The following page on paracord zipper pull instructions will show you a how to make the classic zipper pull. It provides a detailed instruction on everything you need to know to make one, from choosing the supplies to knotting it out, as well as some tips you might find useful.

Why make a zipper pull?

Well, paracord zipper pulls are as much a fashion piece as they are functional. You can use them on a functional zipper to improve the looks, or replace a broken zipper pull with a paracord zipper pull.

How to make a zipper pull?

Making a paracord zipper pull is very easy. It only requires a piece of paracord, scissors and a lighter to melt the edges with. Having all these supplies, the only thing left is to decide on a zipper pull look you like or find functional (you can store almost as much paracord into a zipper pull as into a keychain, meaning it can be used to replace for example a torn shoelace).

The following slideshow below shows you how to make the classic paracord zipper pull, which features the snake knot. It is made out of a single piece of paracord. You can melt two pieces of paracord together if you would prefer a two color version of it.

Basically what we will do is use the same knot we use in survival bracelets to knot our zipper pull. Enjoy the following tutorial and please comment if you need any further instructions!

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