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Spiral braid paracord necklace


The spiral knot paracord necklace is braided from four strands and sports a look suitable for necklaces as well as other projects that benefit from round designs such as leashes, collars and the likes.

Lets see how it is made!

The four strand spiral braid is done with exactly the same method of alternating stings that we use in any other four strand braided necklace, the only difference is that we start with two cords of the same color on one side, two cords of the other color on the other. If we compare further, we notice that we knot two different colors of cords, unlike with the “normal” braided necklace, where we knot using the same color of cord.

Supplies as always:
– paracord 550
– knife or scissors
– lighter
– necklace connector

See the following video for instructions on the spiral braid:


Paracord necklace supplies

Paracord 550
Necklace connector

This is a useful item for completing necklaces.

Charms help you personalize your necklaces. There are some fun ones in the kit i feature below.

Beads are a common way to add some variety to necklaces. The following beads are my selection.

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